Superior Provisions started to percolate long before it had a name. Making food from scratch, in traditional ways, was passed down through generations of Kordonowys, and made its way to Teddy (founder of Superior Provisions) by way of his Baba, Stella and Dido, Frank, who were children of Ukrainian immigrants who settled in North Dakota during the turn of the century. Broth, borscht, pyrohi, holubtsi among many other traditional dishes, they were all simmering, baking, cooking when his grandparents would visit him from ND. The ethos of making nutritious foods from scratch wasn’t trendy for Baba and Dido, it was the only way they knew, it was their tradition.

Teddy absorbed this wisdom and continued on in the tradition of cooking with family and friends but it wasn’t until 2012 when he took the opportunity to work on the opening kitchen staff at Butcher and the Boar that he was able to jump into the world of professional cooking. From Butcher and the Boar he moved to Clancey's Meats & Fish where he was able to hone whole animal butchery skills while being challenged to use as much of the whole animal as possible. He then helped open Lowry Hill Meats, where he served as head butcher alongside owner and operator, Erik Sather. He left Lowry Hill Meats to join the opening kitchen team at Martina and from there went on to start Boludo in 2018. While charting this somewhat unconventional course through kitchens and butcher shops in Minneapolis, he continued to broaden his understanding of cookery as well as owning a food service business. 

2018 was a year of personal reckoning for Teddy, he pursued sobriety and realized, simply, that healthful eating and drinking needed to be central to his and his family’s way of life. Bone broth instantly became a feature of that trajectory. However, extremely high quality, flavorful and nutritious bone broth was not a product he could find anywhere. Yes, there are usually multiple bone broth options at most grocery stores, but seemingly none that serve as a daily sipper and an ingredient. Depth of flavor, balanced salinity, viscous nutritional ingredients - that is the broth that Teddy’s Baba taught him how to make and the kind that was missing from the marketplace, and just like that, Superior Provisions was born.

Superior Provisions makes a superior broth that is meant to be a healthy, daily habit, consumed at any time during your day. It serves as an alternative to coffee as a warm and nutrient dense base in the morning, a beverage that will sustain you nutritionally into the afternoon, a hot drink to compliment dinner in the evening, as well as a liquid that can be used in any recipe that calls for broth or water. 

It was through working at Clancey’s and Lowry Hill Meats that Teddy was able to meet and form relationships with small & sustainable farmers and producers from the tri-state area of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. We are committed to maintaining these important relationships and credit the products from these farmers for giving us the bare bones ingredients that make our broth what it is. Without their land and animal stewardship we wouldn’t be able to produce the kind of broth we do. 

We are happily fully transparent with every addition we make into each broth recipe, all of which are 100% free of gluten and processed sugars. And we’re dedicated to serving not only those who eat meat, but also those who choose not to, by offering both a mushroom and vegetable broth, both of which are not only completely meat free but are very flavorful and nutritious. 

At Superior Provisions we produce what we know and believe it should be easy to make conscientious, healthful decisions about what goes into your body everyday. That’s what we’re here for.

From our family to yours - The Kordonowys